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Thanks for visiting my website.

Below is a bit about me...

I grew up in Chester County, PA,
raised  my own family in New Jersey
& just returned from
5 years living in Hawaii.
As a child, I had a deep connection to animals.
 I had a sense of knowing about many things,
but did not learn to fully develop & use my Gifts
until I was in my late 20's.  
Baby wild rabbit.

(My butterfly friend. She would
 stay on my shirt for a while,
fly away for some nectar &
return to me ;)

My butterfly friend.
       (An orphaned, wild baby rabbit. He was
nursed for a while & set free;)


When my children were young, there were spirits roaming my house, waking them & causing illness in myself & other living beings in the house. At the time, I "did not believe in anything like that".
However, it was very clear that
something was happening that I could not "see".
Living in a haunted house was the catalyst that propelled me into the wonderful world of talking with Spirits, healing others, clearing houses & much more.
I've now been studying & practicing
the & Healing arts for nearly 16 years.
I've been Blessed with many life lessons, amazing teachers & Spirit helpers.  

I have been honored to host my own radio show, as well as be interviewed by TV & radio show hosts about my work. 

My latest TV interview can be found at this link (below).


During a session with me, 
I will combine my training &
with the Guidance of Spirit
to provide you with the best possible care.

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